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The UrbanRuralGreenEconomy Lab (translation of StadtLandGrünWirtschaft Lab) is asking questions we do not know the answers yet. How does a post-fossil future within mobility and chemistry might look like? How different sectors like Energy, Heat and Agriculture can be linked for a sustainable transition?

As a framework to adress these issues the strategy of the European Union for shaping a bio-based Circular Economy based on Energies from renewable sources is taken into account.

In order to find answers to those questions listening and conversations across all boundaries of politics, enterprises, science and social initiatives are needed, in order to shape a tool-kit with possible working answers. All new ideas, thoughts and best-practice examples, ranging from inventors, regions up-to large industrial enterprises, are higly welcome.

As remarkable «Helsinki Energy Challenge» shows, that is looking out in a world-wide competition for approaches providing a sustainable Urban Heating, also offering an award of 1 Million Euros, yet unanswered questions have the power get things moving.

The leading thought of UrbanRuralGreenEconomy Lab is a quote from Computer-Pioneer Alan Kay who has been involved in the invention of the Internet over 50 years ago, that is based on an idea of physicist Dennis Gabor: «The best way to predict the future is to invent it».

First Sketches, Suggestions and Links can be found on this Webiste and on Twitter @futureaspresent, within @SLGWLab listening and conversations are provided, also by E-Mail futureasapresent aet

The UrbanRuralGreenEconomy Lab is part of the young social-business Future as a present looking out for new pathways of Science Communications.
Sketches German
«Computer as Service», 2020
Circular Region FrankfurRheinMain I

Sektch for a applied sience project within the EU Smart Specialisation Platform S3. Possible partnering organizations include e.g. regional science institution Fraunhofer IWKS and enterprises Shiftphones, Brain AG and Umicore Link: Sketch (PDF 1 page)
Link: Supplementing Material (PDF, 8 pages, Adresses, Images und Text)
«Baby Carriges as a Service», 2020
Circular Region FrankfurRheinMain II

Sektch for a applied sience project within a bio-based Circular Economy also making use of new regional bio-based materials. Possible partering organizations range from e.g. BMBF-Project «BioBall» and enterprises Biowert, Bugaboo and University of Art and Design Offenbach Link: Sketch (PDF 1 page)
Link: Supplementing Material (PDF, 8 pages, Adresses, Images und Text)
«Thoughts and Ideas for the new building of the University of Arts and Design Offenbach», 2019
This Sketch focuses e.g. on shaping a Material library in the built environment, bio-based material cycles and new circular approaches for the printing industry within paper and ink and international experiences in wooden buildings by regional enterprise Hess Timber
Link: Sketch (HTML, Text, Links ca. 5 pages)
«Suggestions and Best-Practice Examples for the upcoming Ecovillage in Hannover», 2019
A 19-pages commented compilation of Links within the field of sustainable city districs, also in terms of Energy and Heating e.g. within the «Hamburg Water Cycle»
Link: Sketch (PDF, Text, Links, 19 pages)
Sketches English
«Sketch for a Pioneering Region of Bioeconomy, Circular Economy and Energies based on renewable Sources», 2019
This compilation is a translatoin that has been put together in the summer of 2018 with a few add-ons as a contribution to the public discussion that accompanied the work of a federal commission in Germany on how to fade out coal-mining in the next years.
Link: Sketch (PDF, 5 pages, Link-List with comments)
«Lightweight Bio-based and Circular Material Innovations for Vertical Axis Wind-Turbines», 2019
A brief Link-list on how to combine innovation in materials with small scale wind-rotors, e.g. for cities
Link: Sketch (PDF, 1 page, Links)
«Frankfurt Green Diaper Circle», 2019
A brief project-sketch for a circular-approach for diapers and hygienic products for the Circular Region FrankfurtRheinMain
Link: Sketch (PDF, 1 page, Links)
«Frankfurt Clean Energy WaterCycle», 2019
A brief project-sketch for a urban innovative action in Frankfurt, Germany for a decentral solution gainingenergy and heat from blackwater of healthcare-institutions, also cleaning water of drug particles within the Circular Region FrankfurtRheinMain
Link: Sketch (PDF, 1 page, Links)
«Letter to Office of EU-Vize-President Timmermans», 2019
A letter to various EU offices sketching on how to combine Germany's post-coal funding about 40 billion Euros in the next 20 years with EU-programmes shaping a Pioneering Region Lausitz of Energy from renewable Sources, Bioeconomy and Circular Economy. Answers by offices of Mr. EU-Vice-President Timmermans and Ms. Commissioner Ferreira, Mr. Bell (heading EUBioeconomy), Ms. Bellan (JRC) and Ms. Reppel (former head of Unit «Smart and sustainable growth» at EU DG Regional and Urban Policy)
Link: Letter (PDF, 3 and a half pages)
Ideas and Inspiration
«You do not need the transistors so much, you do not need the gas-engines so much, you just need really good designers»
Highly remarkable Conversation of Computer-Pioneer Alan Kay at the Summit 2019 of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in London talking about on how to«Scaling up the Circular Economy»
Link: Conversation (Youtube, 25:32 minutes)
«When «What Will It Take?» Seems Beyond Possible, We Need To Study How *Immense Challenges* Have Been Successfully Dealt With In The Past»
Pre-read of Computer-Pionier Alan Kay for his conversation at the Summit 2019 of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in London. In it he sketches best-practice historical examples that might provide ideas how to tackle today's immense challenges e.g. climate change and environmental pollution.
Link: Paper (PDF, 18 pages)
«The Green New Deal»
An in-depth conversation with economist Jeremy Rifkin at BR2-Public Service Broadcasting about his new book «The Green New Deal»
Link: Conversation (Podcast, german, 50:18 minutes)
«Cool Cities»
«If Mayors ruled the world»

Books of US-american poltical scientist Benjamin R. Barber «Cool Cities. Urban Sovereignity and the fix for Global Warming» and «If Mayors ruled the world» at Yale University Press
Link: «Cool Cities» (Book, 224 pages)
Link: «If Mayors ruled the world» (Book, 472 pages)
«Material Matters»
Book by Thomas Rau and Sabine Oberhuber to the idea and best-practice examples to «Products as a Service». The translated title says «Material Matters. How do manage to end wasting ressources, motivate the economy to shape better products and how enterprises, consumers and the environment will profit from it»
Link: «Material Matters» (Book, german, 224 pages)
«Book of Synergy»
A highly remarkable and propably the largest compilation of material within the field of technologies, known and unknown, for providing energies from renewable sources, collected, commented and curated by translator and interpreter Achmend A.W. Khammas from Berlin, up to know only available in the german language.
Link: «Book of Synergy» (Website, german)
«Ressource Turnaround. On the pathyway shaping a Solar Chemistry für the 21st century»
In his book at Antje Kunstmann Verlag enterpriser and chemist Dr. Hermann Fischer shows how the various new approaches in chemistry bring in the possibility to transform the fossil-based chemical industry. Up to now the book is only available in the german language.
Link: «Ressource Turnaroundl» (Book, german, 304 pages)
«Is algae the ink of the future?»
Enterpriser and Biologist Scott Fulbright tells in his TED-Talk how sustainable and bio-based and bio-degradeable inks for printing can be shaped, e.g. for packaging, as most inks up to this day are based on fossil non-regrowing materials.
Link: TED-Talk (Youtube, 10:13 minutes)
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